"When we help others to find peace and love, we are also, in a hugely important way, helping ourselves."

Born in Ireland, author Boylan has traveled both outwardly, to Bulgaria and elsewhere, and inwardly, through dreams, intuitions, and inspirations. After completing school and a short foray in salesmanship, he set up a business as a professional photographer. Through photography, he developed freedom of thought, realizing that he did his best when he did not imitate others. He established a personal and professional connection with Bulgaria when he was invited there for an annual school skiing event. He had significant psychic experiences, such as a realistic dream of his departed father and a powerful vision of a guardian angel. His childhood Catholicism gradually changed to a broader view of God and the world, opening his mind to the possibility of acting as a healer. His desire to help others, often on an international footing, prompted him to initiate start-ups for many charitable endeavors. His humiliation after a major business collapse brought further spiritual insights that he wishes to share with readers.

Through this introspective narrative, Boylan demonstrates both his artist’s eye for beauty and his writer’s ability to admit fault and humble himself when the situation demands it. He has included many of his emotive color photographs to illustrate points made and offers appropriate quotations and perspectives from self-help gurus like Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorejani, and Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov. Some ventures were especially notable. Challenging himself and other photographers to capture the look and demeanor of famous figures, he expertly photographed famed loyalist Dr. Ian Paisley one morning. That afternoon, he photographed Paisley’s staunchest republican foe, Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich, Primate of All Ireland. He boldly asked each to share his feelings about the other. Such episodes enliven the text and invoke the reader to seriously take Boylan’s counsel about how to cope with life’s varied extremes, from triumph to despair.

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