A Spiritually Fit You
by Catherine Braswell

"So now, what happens when your sight is spiritually operating at 20/20 on a regular or daily basis?"

The concept of fitness has almost unanimously been conceived as that of appearances—both physical and tangible—and that of mental health. However, now more than ever, spiritual health is a key component of one's existence, a bridge between strong mental and physical health. Integrating scriptures to accompany the author's lessons and salient advice, Braswell's work focuses on the aspects of the spirit that will help keep the wandering mind from going astray permanently. The author's vision employs a combination of a realistic outlook (understanding that human nature is, at its core, imperfect and fallible) with hopeful exuberance. The Bible is mankind's spiritual compass. When utilized and adopted into daily life, it will not only allow one to stay strong of mind during adversity but also live in the grace and mercy of God regardless of the outcome.

In many ways, whether it is having a spiritual vision, thought, hearing, or heart, becoming in tune with one's spiritual senses is nothing short of a superpower that will drive one to the ultimate goal of everlasting life. To build these heightened senses, Braswell integrates scriptures to align the mind's perception, reasoning, and desire/feeling centers. The outcome is a purity of the heart and vision so pristine and authentic that it is sure to set a person free from the daily toil of the material world.

Although in the same vein as texts that aspire to awaken the mind to the spiritual journey, Braswell's work takes a slightly more unique angle because of its focus on fitness. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the author's approach to this piece is its understanding of spiritual cleansing, which implies that man is not perfect but rather soiled spiritually. The author employs a direct writing style that uses a collection of biblical stories as references to demonstrate through concrete examples rather than simply preach action. Her tone is one of embracing all, understanding that each individual's journey likely features daily battles and stresses that will only give way to peace when surrendering unconditionally to God's Word.

Braswell emphasizes that the Lord knows who you are meant to be. As the ultimate teacher, God demonstrates that he is able to forgive humanity for his son. For that reason, humanity must understand that to move forward and find peace, one must let go of the festering wounds of the past. From being humble to learning patience, the author lays the foundation of self-love and purposeful living, the path that will inevitably intersect with God's light.

Structurally, Braswell ends every chapter with a fitting prayer, a sign of hope and promise to readers. From a style perspective, the author does a commendable job of engaging readers through biblical stories. Her scriptures, such as Psalm 18:1-2, use well-known biblical figures such as King David. Through this context, she uses the narrative to demonstrate the quality and level of solid and unwavering trust in God. Similarly, Braswell's allusions and commentary highlight the remarkable story of Moses' life being spared when an Egyptian pharaoh ordered male Hebrew babies to be put to death. From the lessons ingrained in these scriptures, Braswell argues that a person will evolve from being in God's word to becoming a teacher of God's word.

Utilizing a multitude of well-researched verses, the author gives rise to the spiritual athlete within the individual. Braswell's analogy is that eternal life is the most coveted trophy, and the rules and requirements of the "game" are outlined in scripture. All the knowledge needed to attain bliss is there to finally "align my body, my mind, and my spirit with his will." Braswell's innate desire to improve humanity's spiritual health in these tumultuous times is certainly admirable. Readers of faith, Christians in particular, are sure to appreciate the author's effort.

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