"The ability for a planet to successfully manage its house is dependent on its condition."

Many people are familiar with astrology under the terms of the daily newspaper horoscope or a simple understanding of the zodiac, but this textbook provides a comprehensive, complete understanding of the science of the planets and signs. Beginning with the Thema Mundi chart, referred to as the Birth-Chart of the Universe, and incorporating Hellenistic and Arabic perspectives, readers will understand how astrologers construct various charts and understand how the planets relate to the person to whom the chart concerns. Usher examines the natures of each sign and planet, from gender qualities to temperature and elemental alignment, clearly laying out the various ways in which each body complements or aggravates another. Concluding with a different way of considering the chart and an interpretation of each of the twelve houses, the depths and complexities of astrology will be revealed to the reader.

With a lot of mysterious, deep, and ancient concepts, Usher does a wonderful job of using metaphor, history, and visual aids in order to immerse readers in the knowledge of astrology at the level required to fully appreciate its message. Each chapter builds upon the last, working in and layering concepts until the reader fully understands all the different variables in play. Then the author takes another important step by introducing variables that the individual astrologer might use, creating a variance in data interpretation that can lead two different professionals to two significantly different conclusions. At its core, this is a textbook, and as such should only be approached by those desiring more than a casual understanding of astrology. The amount of data on display here is nothing short of impressive, and the author does a wonderful job of teaching that information to the reader.

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