Abounding Health Naturally
by Sharon Jean Wiginton
Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC

"We need to believe that we can live out our whole life with great health and energy."

When she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2004, author Wiginton resolved to change her life. She was inspired by the teachings of naturopathic physician Dr. Joel Robbins to begin a regimen of whole, raw foods. Within a short period of time, she was cancer-free and has remained so. She examines the way that diseases have been diagnosed and treated historically, citing scurvy as an example of an ailment once thought to be genetic and incurable; now we accept that scurvy is treatable by having enough vitamin C in our diet. But most of us are still convinced that cancer must be treated with invasive chemicals and destructive radiation. Wiginton believes that the healthy foods that God has provided can cure or ameliorate major disease. She presents case studies of cancer patients being denied the right to refuse chemo or radiation therapies in favor of a raw food diet. She asserts that many doctors are in alignment with big pharmaceutical companies. She offers lists of the best raw foods, daily meal suggestions, and recipes for concocting the foods in such delicious ways as juices and smoothies.

Wiginton says she was urged by friends and family to write this book to share her experience of improved health through raw foods. Her writing skills are well above average, and her theories are backed up with reasonable factual research. She bases much of what she proposes on the Bible, quoting at length from that work. But she is also conscious of the need to bring together the raw food proponents who are resistant to religion with those like herself who see the impulse as based on scripture. Her book is comprehensive and compelling, with the motivational power to convince others in similar circumstances to hers to try her method.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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