Abused by His Charm
by Sherell Rosegreen
Trafford Publishing

"A woman always wants to think that a man will change. She makes up excuses to herself. But it is what it is; he will not change."

Sherell Rosegreen's Abused Under His Charm is part slice-of-life drama and part self help book. The story starts with the main character Martha going out for the evening with her best friend. She meets a man, Robert, and is immediately swept off her feet. They have a romance, and she introduces him and makes him a part of her family, namely her son's. Warned by her friends to take the relationship slower and to be vigilant, Martha jumps in ignoring the advice her friends tried to offer. The story then quickly turns sour. As Robert controls her time, money, and her spirit, Martha is headed for destruction. A classic story of abuse where the abuser beats on the victim, the victim forgives the abuser, and then the entire cycle repeats itself over again in an endless downward spiral.

Highlighting the book's split between narrative and self-help book, Chapters 7 is a section where various abused women speak and share their stories. Chapter 8 is dedicated to noticing the signs of abuse and it provides contact information for women to seek out help if they find themselves in a similar situation. But one of the most brave aspects about this book is Chapter 17 where Rosegreen directly addresses the abusers of the world telling them they too can change their lives for the better if only they put their mind to it.

A brutal story but delivered in an accessible manner, Abused Under His Charm offers more than just a story. It provides a crutch that abuse victims who feel alone and neglected can use to prop themselves up and help find their footing.

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