The Adventures of Rusty
by Beverly White-Adams
Trafford Publishing

"I observed many wonderful things--frogs, turtles, biirds--from wooden observation decks."

The Adventures of Rusty is a fun and interesting children's book. The lovely artwork and photographs lead the child into a world seen through the eyes of a dog. Beverly White-Adams co-authors the book with the main character, Rusty. Rusty takes us on his adventures through words and pictures. He begins his true story when he is lost and has no home. No one loves him. He is very sad.

Beverly and her husband, Peter, are also sad because they do not have a dog. Happily, the couple and Rusty find one another. Their first trip is to Williamsburg, Virginia. Although it is a long trip, Rusty enjoys a refreshing swim in Lake Maury on the Noland Trail in Newport News.

The real adventure begins when Rusty takes his first boat trip, crossing the James River on the Pocahontas Ferry, which leads to a visit at John Rolfe and Pocahontas' home. Rusty then meets Horace, a donkey, at Chippokes Plantation State Park. He and Horace become instant friends. When Rusty explores the pebbly beach along the James River, he is surprised to find the water is salty, as it connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

This book is also an educational tool. Children learn about the historical places in Virginia as Rusty entertains them with his stories. The Adventures of Rusty is Volume I. Rusty is going to take other trips to Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Tennessee, and Maine and continue to share his adventures with readers.

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