"'Before you get any smart ideas, I will warn you only once: Don’t try anything. We have your families.'"

The Aegis League series continues in this third book, pitting the five teenage friends and their allies against the sinister Phoenix Corporation and the shadowy villain Reyor. The world sits on the tipping point after the massive and mysterious crop destruction led to wars and riots between nations. Now, a bizarre disease has emerged from a small African village. Those infected with it appear to show immediate signs of old age, whether young, old, or even infant. Jag, Kody, Aari, Tegan, and Mariah must put an end to their training in the hidden village of Dema-Ki and learn to combine their powers to take on their biggest threat yet. The team must prepare to face off with foes both old and new and attempt to save the human race before it is lost, even if it means putting themselves at risk.

Following the tradition of the prior two books in this series, readers are treated to chapter after chapter of fascinating characters, exciting action, and apocalyptic consequences. Each book to date has done a superb job of raising the stakes and keeping the audience invested in the sincere, genuine main characters. Segran walks the young adult line deftly, combining events that are at times grave or surprisingly violent with the sense of justice that teenagers can so often display in wanting to change the world for the better. One of the greatest growths of this book over its predecessors is the care that it gives to fleshing out its antagonists, providing multiple villains that are compelling in the way they leap off the page and encourage the reader to root against them. Continuing with their expert pacing and growing lore, the Aegis League books provide constant thrills and excitement. This installment is arguably the finest example of those qualities yet.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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