Affection of a Ghost
by Mary Clark
Trafford Publishing

"Todd arrived at his love's home. He took the lid off the vial. 'Well, here goes,' he thought, then quickly chugged down the potion. Sure enough, a piercing jolt coursed through him much like shock, As he trembled, the vial and its lid flew into the bushes by the porch, Then, he passed out."

Todd is in love with Vicky. She's a beautiful girl with "long light-red hair, bright-blue eyes, and rosy-pink lips" and Todd immediately develops a crush on her. But there's just one problem—Todd happens to be a ghost. When he finally gets enough courage, Todd seeks the help of a warlock and with a special potion he becomes mortal. But the warlock offers a warning to Todd. He has until midnight of the night of the next full moon to win the affection of the girl he loves, or he will turn back into a ghost.

The newly living Todd lands on Vicky's front porch with a little story about being homeless. He is welcomed into Vicky's home with her family and meets all of her friends. Everything seems to be going perfectly as planned, until Todd realizes that Vicky has met another guy and is falling for him instead. Unable to tell Vicky the truth and as time runs out for Todd, he begins to lose hope of ever winning Vicky's heart.

Like a modern twist on the tale of Cinderella, Affection of a Ghost is a simple and sweet boy-meets-girl story. Accompanied with beautiful, quality illustrations by Marvin Paracuelles, Mary Clark's love story is one that we can relate to even if we've never personally been in love with a ghost. And, although it is a ghost story, Clark's book is in no way specific for Halloween and can certainly be read at any time in any season. The messages are positive and encouraging and while the themes of the story may be more suited for an older audience, all ages can still enjoy and appreciate Todd's tale.

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