Affirmation Goddess	
by Anita Revel
Now Age Publishing

"Anita Revel is a creatrix, author, mother and wife, web diva, dream weaver and lover of life. She's also a teacher, artist traveler and joy junkie but couldn't make these rhyme. Nevertheless, these roles pretty well sum up her passion for inspired living."

Avid readers frequently enjoy exploring many new worlds that can be discovered through books. Actually getting to know the author and enter the world she lives in is infinitely more satisfying. So it is for seekers who read Affirmation Goddess, the latest in Revel's Personal Growth series. Her website opens the domain of the goddess herself. ( There one can easily be swept up in her love of life, her perspective on the uniqueness of women and the journey on this planet called Earth.

Affirmation Goddess is a delightful collection of affirmations for the seven states of wellbeing, from the physical through the emotional. Revel explains what affirmations are and what the areas of wellbeing are for those who may be unfamiliar with these New Age terms. Her goal is to encourage people, particularly women, to affirm their sense of self and wellness by re framing negative self-talk into positive thoughts. Each day's affirmation begins with a heading that denotes a contrast of feelings, a positive and a negative such as Passion/Apathy, Generosity/Greed. Related affirmations and endearing photographs accompany each section. The author lovingly shows you how to bring a bit of bliss into your life.

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