Agatha and Frank’s Story: Stranded on Rosland Island
by Jolynn Rose
Author Reputation Press, LLC

"‘We try to help the humans when we can without giving ourselves away, it can be dangerous for us to be seen or caught by humans.’"

Agatha and Frank, a married couple in their 50s, decide to sail the world for two years. Frank has just retired from the military and Agatha from being a history teacher. Experienced sailors and fit, they eagerly anticipate floating from island to island, starting with St. John Island, with regular updates to their children and grandchildren. Mother Nature has other plans. A violent storm kicks up, and soon they are in their dinghy rowing for their lives toward land. The couple begins a five-year adventure in the style of Robinson Crusoe on Rosland Island. A prologue frames the tale as true, based on a diary Agatha kept during their adventures and which was published posthumously with the aid of a friend at the senior home.

In a sweet, direct style, Rose displays wonderful imagination and paints a loving portrayal of the couple’s marriage. Frank’s direct humor, as well as his resourcefulness, imbues realism to Agatha’s “diary.” Fantasy elements, such as when a merboy (male mermaid) washes up on the shore, add to the charm of the narrative. The couple’s discoveries appeal to the wondrous child that always resides deep within. Imagine mysterious patches of dark water that hold a secret, hidden chambers that hint at the mysteries of mankind, sunken cities of inexplicable grandeur, and the thrill of building a home on a tropical paradise. In addition to this story, Rose has written three other books on the “Merbeing” culture. A delightful imagination and a charming delivery make this illustrated book an entertaining read and one that tickles the imagination. Who knew getting shipwrecked could be so much fun?

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