Aggie Spirit 101: Greater Love
by Barry Bauerschlag

"There have been so many uplifting stories of Aggies who have served their school and country that it could fill many books, much less one chapter of this book."

In some ways, the impetus for the book started almost as a dare. Bauerschlag had entered the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University on the GI Bill, but his undergraduate work had been done at a secular school: Texas A&M. One of his professors, being aware of what some have defined as the "cultic customs" of the author's former university, suggested he write his term paper on the "religion" of his alma mater. Being more interested at the time in other topics and aware of the professor's disdain for the "Home of the Aggies," Bauerschlag declined, but the challenge continued to haunt him over the years. Was it possible to successfully interpret and define the faith that appeared to underpin so many of Texas A&M's traditions?

In this truly one-of-a-kind book, Bauerschlag probes into the various practices of his beloved Aggies and then, in an expository manner that undoubtedly has been honed over his four decades as a United Methodist minister, relates them to biblical truths and aspects of Christian living. For example, in one illustration he compares the university's 1967 football season, with all of its faith, perseverance, and sacrifice on the part of both players and fans, to the steadfast love of God. In another instance he likens the school's emphasis on learning about and celebrating its heritage and alumni with the biblical command to honor one's father and mother and, as he interprets it, others who have had a significant impact on our lives. In addition to his main points, Bauerschlag also includes several of his poems, tips for Christian parents, prayer aids, and even a recipe or two. The author is passionate about his subject and it shows. His book offers a fresh way of looking at Texas A&M and its culture.

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