All Simple Things But Time
by Howard Bernstein
Trafford Publishing

"Quickened as one they were, mingled and beguiled
Each touched by each with the amaranth of smile "

This short but verbose and powerful collection of poems takes the reader through quiet reflections and strong emotions in just a few pages. From topics spanning international travel to Ludwig van Beethoven, the author frames his poems through a single perspective belonging to that of the elusive Norgood. Norgood seems to transcend time itself as he toasts Roman gods and contemplates modern social media, but the insights of his poetic verse are compelling and full of valuable contemplation. Sometimes charged with romantic passion and also lamenting the passage of time, Norgood's journey is one that is as valuable to follow for its artistic strokes as it is for its events.

With several dozen poems for the reader to enjoy, this collection can simmer in the mind one poem at a time or can be tackled quickly with rapid succession. As an anthology of poetry, there is little to gain from burning through it, but the eloquent and carefully crafted choices of vocabulary will stick out in the mind and encourage reading, re-reading, and even recitation. It is always important for good poetry to be a font of inspiration for all of our inner poets, and this selection of verses lights that fire within and nurtures it deeply. It is the mark of a great poet to translate that divine spark into something that is both easy to access and a tool that yields even more inspiration, and that quality is on full display in this title. Fans of poetry or just those who like to see a language being put to its best possible use will be eager to enjoy these poems.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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