Alpha and Omega
by Robert Gallant
PageTurner, Press and Media

"’The less you know, the more likely you are to walk into something much more complicated and dangerous than you expected. So plan for the worst. Try to find them before they know you are there looking for them.’"

Chesney Barrett, a Beretta-toting environmental grad student who occasionally cavorts with an organizer of clandestine operations that often save humanity, is the star of this thriller. A fast-paced plot features Chesney deciphering clues about a mysterious, unidentified body, as well as the tracks of mountain lions that have supposedly not existed in the region for approximately 200 years, that she discovered in the Louisiana swamps. The protagonist uses her superpower-like ability of clue-deciphering to navigate setups, swamps, forests, unlikely friends and colleagues, strange scientific and medical experiments on wildlife, and a presumed extinct species. Readers accompany Chesney as she confronts her personal demons in harrowing physical, mental, and emotional situations that leave her wondering who she can truly trust, asking a trusted source for help, and re-evaluating what her true life’s purpose is while also testing her means of survival.

This book streaks its way through fast-paced adventures in the often merciless, but somewhat exotic, Louisiana swamps, and that unique setting adds an element of mystery to the book’s complex, eco-focused, and engaging plot. This book, with its collegiate-swimmer-turned-undercover-agent heroine, will appeal to readers who enjoy works with a strong female lead character, and it will appeal to readers interested in covert operations, reconnaissance, and espionage. Those who enjoy action-thrillers will also find this book a page-turner, particularly because of its well-crafted dialogue that helps make the characters and their actions authentic. Anyone still searching for their genre-of-choice and who are exploring the action-thriller genre for the first time will find this book an enjoyable read and a great introduction to the action genre, while readers who enjoy mysteries will enjoy the book plot’s twists, turns, and surprises.

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