by Josephine DeBois

" is almost like Ludwig Mann knows the music better than the composer himself."

Ludwig Mann is a musical genius. At twenty-three years of age, he quickly builds international acclaim. A stunning conductor, Ludwig amazes audiences with the way he takes the musical experience to an unprecedented level. Ludwig not only specializes in Mozart, but also has an uncanny resemblance to the classical composer. Just at the cusp of monumental concerts and an epic recording, Ludwig finds himself in the midst of unexpected events. Aside of the fact that his cunning manager arranges their marriage, Ludwig's mother is dying. Before expiring, Ludwig's mother gives him a mysterious phone number to call. What Ludwig discovers in the follow up call is nothing less than daunting: He learns the truth about his existence.

DeBois' latest is a unique blend of music and science fiction with a focus on humanity. Designed as a movie script, DeBois' narrative weaves in specific works of Mozart while unfolding a bizarre story highlighting the ethical and non-ethical issues of human bimolecular research. Readers steeped in the classics will appreciate how DeBois blends in this style of music with the tenor of her storyline. Choosing selected works of Mozart as motifs, DeBois uses the Requiem is a recurrent theme to enhance the dark ambiance connected to the medical research that is further convoluted by religious fanaticism. Select symphonies help identify Ludwig's relationship with Tiffany, a concert pianist. DeBois surrounds Ludwig with a mixed cast, many of which play evasive roles. DeBois' plot constantly shifts between the present and past, with character scenes and elusive dialogue, while throwing in a flurry of twists and turns along the way. Keeping readers on their toes from beginning to end, Amadeus! has the potential of becoming a Silver Screen favorite.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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