Amazon's Dracula
by Richard Stoker
Stratton Press Publishing

"On the gold curtain rod of the emerald window drapes, something appeared to be hanging upside down . . ."

In a tale about literature’s most infamous vampire, the novelist envisions the life of Count Dracula in the modern era. He and his three former brides—Plazmette, Piranhya, and Carnivora—run a dentistry clinic in Los Angeles. It is the perfect arrangement for the four to collect blood from their unsuspecting patients: the parade of homeless, down on their luck, and downtrodden found in the streets of Los Angeles. It is at the all-night dentist clinic that the crux of Dracula’s plan begins to take shape as he and his “nurses” collect and store diseased blood from their patients. Now known as Doctor Drake, the count is startled when protagonist Robyn Maria de Alvarez comes into the clinic one night for treatment, and he recognizes her as Mina/Elizabeth, the love of his life. But what will happen when the clinic catches the attention of the local police?

This is a weighty book that comes in at over 700 pages, but the storyline is interesting and keeps the reader engaged throughout. With its many plot twists and emphasis on philosophical and social matters, there is something here for everyone. For those who love the original Dracula by Bram Stoker, the premise of following the bloodline of the characters from the 1897 novel makes for an enjoyable read. The author includes helpful information about Bram Stoker and his famous antagonist that gives readers a full understanding of the book. However, even if one has never read the original story, this novel stands alone as complete and independent. The characters are true to the original work, and the themes and plot offer a great reading experience for lovers of the genre.

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