American Reprobate
by K.L. Stubblefield
Trafford Publishing

"There can be no doubt that the black man is the most despised individual in this nation. Yet he is also in many instances the most renowned."

This book addresses what the author considers a crossroads for the entire being of Black America. From their place in American society to the overwhelming problems arising from fatherless black homes, the author takes not only an historical but scriptural approach as well to answer questions he believes are at the forefront of the demise of an entire race and culture. Addressing such things as why there is infighting among blacks, why more and more black Americans are abandoning their race for interracial marriages, and why the black man has become the scapegoat of the American media, the author provides what he believes is spiritual guidance to set readers back on a path of righteousness in the eyes of Yahweh and direct them away from continued and complete annihilation.

The book is heavy with directly quoted scripture peppered with the author's well-educated comments to make it relevant to the societal ills facing Black America. He goes to great depths to dispel the thought that African Americans are cursed by God instead offering biblical correlations to their longstanding relationship as ancient and blessed people of Israel. He addresses many headlines plaguing the black community including AIDS, recreational drug use, homosexuality, ego, and the black woman's inherent attraction to "thuggish" men or bad boys. He encourages the sole use of God's word to come to a personal understanding of these turbulent times in order to reclaim the black man's longstanding, lofty position in God's eyes.

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