by N. O. Bekoe
PageTurner Press and Media LLC

"When the spray of water touched her already provoked skin, it lighted fire as though Richard was caressing her."

Three unique stories of romance and eroticism unfold between the covers of this book. The first story, “Shadows Don’t Lie,” tells the story of Ana, a self-made woman who has persevered despite shame and deceit. When her attractive neighbor Kwame becomes a part of her life, Ana is willing to sacrifice her comfort zone to find love again, but her old insecurities threaten to surface once more with a secret that Kwame is hiding. Next, “Little Diamonds” explores the simple innocence of children and how adult society can take two kindred spirits and threaten to drive them apart for their differences. Finally, “Out of Gold” sees two lovers, Kevin and Pearl, driven apart by a woman with a vendetta who will stop at nothing to wreck their happiness.

These stories offer a lot more substance than a flashy piece of tawdry intimacy, teasing the reader with catharsis while building their pacing more around the dramatic narrative arc than a surge of fictional hormones. The author masterfully balances wish fulfillment with a flair for soap opera complications and interpersonal turmoil that leads to each chapter being harder to put down than the previous one. Each story carries with it both the highs and lows of romantic entanglement, creating a bittersweet yet realistic portrayal of following one’s heart and opening the door to vulnerability in the name of companionship. These short stories are sure to please fans of the genre while offering up something greater than simple wish fulfillment, compiling instead three gripping stories that share a common focus.

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