Angel Cloud Poetry
by David P. Carlson
Trafford Publishing

"Tall trees stand; then bend. Tall trees can break like men."

Carlson's Angel Cloud Poetry is a powerful collection seeking to permeate feelings of love, hope, and peace throughout the reader. While most of the poetry is written in prose, the narrative format clearly gives the text rhythm, structure, and unity that would be nonexistent if the poems were individualized. Unlike your typical run-of-the-mill poems, Carlson's poetry has an identity, a voice that resonates with meaning. His words are brimming with conviction as they pleadingly guarantee a shift in the way one sees life.

The literature within this book is perhaps the byproduct of Carlson's own Christian upbringing and firmly rooted belief; however, the words do not send a message to a single religious group, but to the whole of humanity. With over seventy poems to devour, there is something to appeal to everyone's taste. Nevertheless, the poems that stand out and are must reads are "Winter’s Hand," "Best Forgotten," "Within Us," "Lost," "God’s Way," and "The Snow-White River." Each of these poems is filled with a unique serenity and forms an instant connection with everyman. The following passage that lingers in memory is from "The Snow-White River":

I was standing on a mountain looking up at the snow-capped peak.
When I thought about Lord Jesus looking down on his lost sheep.

In translation, the idea that God sees our every action contains the remnants of his love and desire to establish peace throughout. Carlson's poetry is filled with vivid imagery, personification, and a plethora of literary devices. As aesthetically tantalizing as the poetry is, however, the thought-provoking message of the poems is what will keep the reader coming back for more.

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