The Angelic Assassin
by Geoff Quaife
Trafford Publishing

"...there is no greater hatred than that exercised in the nname of God."

In the year of 1652, the gruesome death of three excise men in London begins the fifth novel in the Luke Tremayne series. Here, Luke is sent by General Oliver Cromwell to investigate the deaths of the three men and soon finds himself embroiled in a series of political and personal attacks. In the midst of the English countryside, Luke encounters beautiful women, murderers, and conspirators in a region ruled by law and disorder. As Luke delves further into his investigation, he seeks the truth behind each of the attacks and the identities of the mysterious rivals in the criminal underworld, known as The Wolf and the Fox. Luke must rely on his own wits, using information solicited from the drunken inhabitants of alehouse and a select group of men called the Red Ribbons. But no matter what Luke does, the bodies still pile up and he is ever more desperate to put a stop to the escalating violence.

This is a novel for history lovers, and Quaife deftly brings to life a religiously and politically charged period in British history. While Quaife writes in easy to read prose, he does not shy away from dense, historical facts, and it is quickly clear the author loved writing this novel as much he hopes you will enjoy reading it. If you welcome mystery and twists and turns, then this novel will not disappoint. Take special note of the list of characters and historical background to guide you through the complex history while you enjoy reading the latest Luke Tremayne adventure.

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