"The whole point is to arm you with a ridiculously long list of ideas... for you to choose from. You’re not expected to implement them all..."

Morgan is an SEO professional who resides in the UK. The author takes time to attend local meet-ups and community or networking organization events. He has also participated in a co-working space. His book gives examples of people who met ideal clients through a referral or recommendation from the person seated next to them. Morgan also explains the socialization advantages of running meet-ups and planned meetings for organizations. These volunteer positions are equally productive for finding clients and are less time-consuming than owning a co-working space. For those who do not live near local groups, online contacts can be made through Twitter hashtags and LinkedIn recommendations. The author also discusses how freelancing can cause you to grow into either opening an agency or learning to pass work on to others.

Morgan is a refreshingly honest business owner with a passion for avoiding the super salesman approach. He clearly has a talent for finding the best ways to casually meet possible new clients. For him, this means socializing in person with peers in similar industries. Before freelancing as an SEO professional, he worked for two agencies. Based on his reluctance to sell, a former coworker challenged that he’d never make it a day as a freelancer. Five successful years later disproved that prediction. However, Morgan does recommend doing a little side work freelancing before leaving a permanent job. He helpfully provides over two hundred pages of proven suggestions for the aspiring or current freelancer. One example that stands out asks readers if they are still meeting with prospective clients and getting out new proposals. Morgan then offers wise counsel about keeping a business on-track using the Brinley Method described in this book to chart progress on the sales and marketing front.

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