Are You Free Enough?
by Verona Willis-Brown

"She saw that what they had as two adults who were matched together were moments of bonding and sharing."

A woman ends a long-term but painful relationship and is immediately noticed by a well-to-do, handsome man. Determined not to make the same mistakes, she coolly rejects his advances, which he continues without becoming aggressive or impatient. After several years, she finally decides she is ready for something new, but wonders if this mystery man has any strings tying him down or obligations that will keep their love from lasting forever. Letting go of her fears, the woman finds in her admirer an attentive and passionate lover, someone she can teach and yet relish in. Torn between her mind and her carnal desires, the protagonist, along with her lover, must decide between living in the present and making the most of each moment or dreading a future that they can never have.

Like any quality erotica story, there is plenty of attention given to the scenes of intimacy between the two main characters, both of whom are anonymous to allow the reader to perhaps insert themselves into the proceedings. The right balance is struck between painting a clear picture of the moment while being vague enough to allow the imagination to explore. What really allows things to simmer is the pacing of the story, with the woman’s choice to take things slow and not rush in creating a prolonged build-up that ventures into the psychological, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of a relationship between two adults. More than just a collection of tawdry scenes, this story is about connections, and the vulnerability people must risk to let someone in who will change their lives forever. With plenty of visceral details to enjoy, there’s still a depth to this book that gives the audience something to reflect on.

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