Are You a Bullyrag?: Naughty or Nice
by Katheline Tate

"For every freckle, there is a kind thought in my head, a soft spot in my heart, and a kind word for you, too."

Bullying takes form in every shape and size and is not a phenomenon unique to school children, though its youngest victims often struggle to understand the things that cause it. In this book, the author helps readers understand that the things that may make them a target for bullying are actually a unique feature to be celebrated and proud of. Through contrasting viewpoints, the reader can see that the grass may not necessarily be greener and that someone who doesn't share the qualities they get bullied for might still be bullied for different things. Each page is paired with a photograph or picture that highlights the beauty to be found in the features that separate us, creating a celebration of individuality that will warm the hearts of any reader whether they have weathered bullying or not.

This book provides an important message, whether it's used preventatively or as treatment, and pairs it with a solid voice of love and support that uplifts the reader and gives them a sense of pride in themselves. The photography employed to illustrate various features is candid and charmingly human, showing people in states of simple joy and living in the moment. All of these elements work together to give that sense of support coming from the author's perspective. The book does not reach into the realm of hopefulness by saying that bullying is a problem that can be fully solved. Instead, it works to neutralize its effects by making the reader feel good about themselves despite physical features, background, or hereditary conditions. Kind words like this are never wasted, and the book's teachings can go a long way into helping someone overcome the senseless opposition that bullying inflicts.

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