Armored Angels Alliance
by Daniel Duvall
Trafford Publishing

"We should always be ready for anything, because Satan will throw all kinds of obstacles in front of us. We should, each of us, put on the armor of God, before we step out."

Five young, born-again members of a Bible study group vow to support one another in this crises-riddled short novel about keeping the Christian faith. Over six chapters, group members face great adversity of all varieties, including the death of multiple friends and family by car accident, AIDS, gunman and suicide. They personally grapple with, and help others with, a host of grim issues including unwanted pregnancy, terminal illness, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, prison, infidelity, street violence and abortion. That's a lot to tackle in a short book, pushing the bounds of reality, but it gives characters reasons to pray and opportunities to repent of their sins and to guide others toward repentance. And it gives them a reason to invite troubled new friends to their church, the Church of Faith in Christ. Ultimately, they weather life's storms with a lot of help from God and each other.

The story is well written, fast paced and an easy read. It sweeps over the myriad of calamities without bogging down in excessive reflection. The five young friends and others they invite into the fold are warm and likeable, people you would enjoy knowing. Their intense, born-again faith is authentically presented. Authentic, too, are their constant prayer, desire to save others, and determination to cast away worldly pursuits. Visions seen by one group member and aid from an angel are believable because the characters believe in them. Christians in crisis, especially young Christians, will find solace in the long prayer verses that pepper the text. A fervent, deeply Christian declaration that when all goes wrong, you are not alone.

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