Audits of the Heart
by Angelica Wolf
Hancock Press

"If you have never loved someone more than life itself, try it someday. It’s worth every tear."

Often, life can be a confusing labyrinth of moral decisions and exhausting obstacles that challenge even the most prepared and put-together of us. Modern society, for all of its boons of technology and interconnectedness, has made this gauntlet no easier to run, with talking heads and opinionated shouting as the norm of the day. In this anthology of idioms, words of wisdom, and spiritual guidance, the author offers a calm, level-headed response to any scenario that will see the reader through to calmer shores on the other side. Infused with guidance from scripture and practical common sense, this book shoots straight to the heart and shows concern for its audience without sparing an uncomfortable truth when one is needed. From private matters of the heart to the morality of war, the scope of these thoughts is scaled appropriately to the issues they address.

Written in a style somewhere between a curated collection of helpful hints and a stream of consciousness tome of advice, this book can be read in one big clump or savored line by line. The lack of a formal series of chapters or topics keeps the reading naturally paced and easier to work through, but a structured index would prove valuable for someone in a crisis looking for a pearl of wisdom. The author’s personal experiences and culture inform her viewpoints throughout the text, but never in a way that comes off as direct or obvious. Instead, her voice reads sincere and authentic. The ever-present thread of faith and Christianity that runs through this book will ring true to like-minded readers and potentially open secular minds up to a different lifeline in troublesome times. Snappy, digestible, and straight to the point, this book offers sharp bits of advice for any reader looking for a healthier spiritual life.

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