Auto Bio Nobody: A Narrative Memoire
by Rasheed Soofi, MD

"An afternoon nap in Iran has as much priority as the midday prayer…. While my parents napped, I would be in the room across the hallway reading history, philosophy, or rehearsing English."

In this intriguing autobiography, the author begins with his birth and early family life in Iran, sharing fascinating details of his experiences along the way as he eventually makes a new life for himself in the United States. He earns his degree and then practices medicine. We meet and learn of the idiosyncrasies of his mother, father, siblings, friends, school, and work colleagues through stories of his travels and studies. Vibrantly full of color also are the tales of his relationships with various women, from one-time affairs to the three women with whom he has been married. The days when Soofi was in residency and married to Deidre were especially emotionally crazed with their bustling ups and downs.

Soofi shares his personal and professional story in language that is easy to digest. That is not to say that his writing is elementary. In fact, he writes with an accomplished intellectual flair that is by no means off-putting but rather reels the reader in from the beginning, holding intrigued attention throughout. Undoubtedly, Soofi has an interesting and unique story to tell. His particular journey shares wonderful insight into Iranian culture and the Muslim religion for the average American reader. Additionally, because his travels and experiences also take place in Spain and Turkey, as well as other places, rich information is provided about the sites and people of these other cities and countries as well. Some of the most interesting parts of Soofi’s memoir prove to be the instances of candid revelation, often humorous, of what goes on in surgical operating rooms, chat halls in hospitals, and the like. The author has many engaging anecdotes which he generously shares with the reader.

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