Autobiography of an Ordinary Couple
Facing Extraordinary Circumstances
by Dr. E.R. Buckler Trafford Publishing

"When I woke up, my husband was right there, trying to get me to take my medication. He looked well-rested, and I was ready to do great things that day. I really don't know what I was ready to do, but I was ready anyway. I refused to take my medication."

The above statement is given by Wilma Buckler, the wife of Everett Buckler. She and her husband are narrators in this sad and obstacle-ridden story about living with a bipolar disorder, which Wilma suffered for many years until her death. The first part of the book describes the early lives of Wilma and Everett—how and where they grew up. While Everett comes across as a young man with principles from a hard-working, farming background, Wilma seems to be an irresponsible girl who loves parties, dating, and men. The couple met at a party while Wilma was still in high school, and Everett was in the Navy.

After marriage and several children, Wilma starts exhibiting strange symptoms and behavior. She starts complaining of a "brain fog" and "her head turning into stone." She goes in and out of the hospital, while the doctors are trying different medication to stabilize her. Not much was known at the time about the bipolar disorder and its symptoms, but Everett learns as he goes along. Over the years, as he stands by her side to the bitter end, Wilma spirals into a full-blown disorder with all the symptoms thereof (seeing things that are not there, temper outbursts, feelings of hate, running away from the house, throwing things, not remembering events, etc). In the later years of her life, Everett has no choice but to provide constant care for his wife, which includes changing her diapers as she is incontinent, forcing medicines and food down her since she wouldn't take them by herself, walking her, and doing many other things in order to keep her alive.

This is a harrowing account of two people who faced obstacles for 65 years of their married life, and the book shows what life would be like living with a bipolar disorder. Dr. Buckler's writing style is informative and readable, albeit repetitive at times which slows the narrative. This is a good book for people and health professionals who want to learn more about the bipolar disorder, how to treat it, and how to cope with it.

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