Back Where I Belong
by Julieann Chenevert
Goldtouch Press, LLC

"This place hadn't felt like home for a long time, now. Not since she and Paul divorced."

Actress Sydney Lang appears to be in danger. Someone seems to be stalking her, which necessitates her leaving California for the safety of her old home in Stafford, Colorado. Sydney's relocation to Stafford is the idea of the sheriff of Stafford, who is also her cousin. The sheriff does not want Hollywood and the characters from Sydney's professional life to follow. They do, on the premise that the Colorado location would be a good one for a new movie. Complications arise as the location person, Julia McFarlin, and Sydney's ex-husband, Paul, appear to conduct business, as well as test the emotions and loyalties of the cousins. Will love or safety rule decisions? Sydney wants self-determination. The sheriff's and her objectives appear to be in contention.

The story is reminiscent of Charade in its defiant but frightened Sydney, who parallels the classic film's Reggie in her spirit and unwillingness at first to accept the uncertainties that she must face. A sense that identities and the motives of the characters are not what they seem, and a certain puzzling quality overall, make this a glossy mystery, filled with both predictable and surprising elements. Who is menacing Sydney—and why? Is it the razor's edge? Is Sydney creating a publicity stunt? Why is her cousin so against her making the movie? This lengthy tale, which is stylishly illustrated, will entertain readers for its themes of home, safety, ambiguous relationships, the frequent testing of trust and love, and taking significant risks in the name of love. The story contains many classic elements of mystery fiction.

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