Balanced Personality
by Ahmed K. Nazir, M.D.
Trafford Publishing

"Live simply, love generously, care conscientiously, serve faithfully, behave kindly, speak truthfully, pray daily, trust God, and you will never be old-fashioned."

Dr. Nazir's Islam-centric book deals with the emotional, sociological, and the spiritual aspects of human existence. A practicing psychiatrist in the USA for 25 years, Dr. Nazir covers everything in his book from proper child rearing and personality development all the way to marriage and divorce. The book is designed to help create a balanced individual and to live one's life in moderation and honesty, while being true to Islam and its laws.

The author uses various anecdotes and examples from his practice to illustrate his points, and he even draws from nature and how animals behave. Throughout the book, he quotes excerpts from the Qur'an, tidbits from poets like Ralph Waldo Emerson, and also from other psychiatrists and thinkers in his field. The book has an attractive jacket, and the cover illustration is pleasing to the eye. The author's tone is honest, even poetic at times and mostly strives to advise and educate.

The book contains many good ideas for everyday living for people of all faiths, for example how to contain one's anger, correct decision-making, the dangers of alcohol, even fashion and beauty, among others. Dr. Nazir strives to connect with people of all religious backgrounds, however, in a general sense, the book seems to be targeted at Muslims and those interested in living the correct life under the law of Allah. A good handbook for Muslims and those who want to learn more about Islam.

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