Bard Bart: Poetic Rhymes and Punchlines

by Barton Johnson
Syzygy Enterprises, Inc. & DBA Writebrain Publications

"Let me know my tortured soul,
but practice self-control,
to share life lesson as I know it"

Part of the allure of poetry is that it allows authors to present the unseen and create an emotional bond between artist and audience. The author of this collection of structured poems takes things a step further, providing notes for the reader explaining inspiration, outlining the rhyming schemes used and describing the creative process as to how some of these works came to be. Sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy, but always clever, the author approaches topics of the heart, dealing with aging and death, interpreting dreams, and even some modern social and political issues. Having the author's own analysis paired with every single poem provides deeper insight and understanding, while still leaving room for interpretation. With around seventy poems to choose from, readers can admire these selections for their message, their careful construction, or both.

In his introduction, the author states his preference for tightly structured poetry, and it shows in his work. The kind of structure he employs changes from poem to poem, keeping things lively and interesting for the reader. The inclusion of notes before every poem is a great touch that helps to explain some of the ambiguities of poetry and paint a clearer picture of what he intended to get across. Though the book is loosely organized by different subjects and emotions, there is also two indices at the end: one in alphabetical, titular order, and an interesting one that organizes the poems by their opening line, making it easy to quickly share with others something that struck a chord. Written in order to speak to people commonly but present the artistry and emotion of poetry, the language is deliberate but not indecipherable. This book is a charming, witty ride through the author's point of view, entertaining and inspiring along every stop.

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