Beatific Vision
by Jordan Spiece

"Even now I feel as if I truly experienced it. When I wake from any other dream, I immediately realize how illusory they were."

During an architectural study trip to Rome, Daven Jones and Adam Gilmour find themselves trapped in the city under a new regime, Domus Aurea. The city is immobilized, and anyone not of Italian heritage is arrested and placed in newly established work camps. Finding refuge with friends, the two bide their time while evil and fear permeate the city. With the situation dire, Giuseppe Morreti, commander of the Vatican’s Milvian Guard which had cleared the Vatican of Aurean captors, has a strange dream—a vision. Now three years after the takeover by the Domus Aurea, Morreti struggles to understand his strange vision in which the names of Lilith’s angelic punishers are revealed. But even as Morreti is convinced this vision is positive, the children of Lilith are seeking revenge, and soon other demonic visions will follow. Now, the two students and Morreti find themselves in a fight to save Rome from the hands of the Domus Aurea and Lilith’s vengeful children.

This premiere novel is a compelling read. Centered on the battle to save Rome from impending doom and liberate the city from the evil forces that hold it, it is filled with fast-paced action. Spiece’s style is crisp and far more polished than most first-time novelists. The plot, with its struggle between good and evil, is intriguing as it involves the children of the banished Lilith and their desire for revenge. Every detail of the novel is rendered in an easy-flowing narrative that leaves the reader wishing novel number two was already available. This is a fine book of fantasy fiction from a talented writer that will have readers up late turning pages.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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