Becoming: The World Will Tell You Who You Are
Until You Tell the World
by Alison R. Brown ALMEC Publications

"This book is about spiritual, personal, mental, and emotional growth and development."

Becoming is an inspirational book about journeys, specifically, the journey toward becoming the best possible person you can be in order to discover your goals in life and achieve them. Brown shares her own journey toward self-actualization with personal examples and concrete anecdotes from years of soul-searching and questioning her purpose in life. The result is a guidebook for those brave enough to undertake the road to "becoming," or transitioning into their own truth.

Brown's heartfelt and practical advice asserts that you can reject living a negative life no matter what may have happened in your childhood, your personal relationships, or your job. Just as important is who you associate with and how aware you are of your goals and surroundings.

A faith-based life that serves God is core to Brown's philosophy. Her narrative gently shifts among personal, professional and family events to illustrate universal truths and share key principles for success in life. Attributes of winning include the ability to serve your core values, confidence to speak your truth, the discipline to follow through, the training to break bad habits and form new good ones and the desire to think outside the box.

Brown shares how she has managed to navigate change in this fast, noisy world, and has used "failures" to open doors and change her way of thinking. She shows ways to build self-confidence, gives examples of how to recognize the greater good in a situation and attests to the importance of a trust in God. A leadership and professional development expert and consultant, Brown shares her challenges along the road to "becoming" and gives practical and personal guidelines for those who want to undertake this journey.

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