Becoming a Born Again Christian
by Kevin Mills
Trafford Publishing

"...this book will allow you to tap into your cognitive thinking skills as well as your spiritual knowledge, boosting your spiritual faith."

The author believes that being born again is most needed by those currently suffering spiritually and losing the battle of an internal struggle. When someone becomes born again, their joyful reaction may seem like one of the signs of mental illness. However, the book's colorful graphics illustrate metaphysical changes in the universe and spiritual warfare taking place in the brain. In the second chapter, the author explains that "the world is non-dualistic... everyone is born out of God's spirit and will return to spirit when the flesh has died." To sum this up, it is God who determines one's eternal fate.

In another chapter, Mills teaches that demons who inhabited Adam's descendants since the Garden of Eden used a psychological advantage to have Jesus crucified. God had a better plan: establish a covenant bond with Jewish people that promised a coming Messiah born of a virgin. The Jews mistakenly awaited a political Messiah rather than the humble Jesus who died on a cross. God turned even that to His advantage. Born again Christians now have access to both Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Mills expertly tackles some of the tougher issues on becoming a born again Christian. This short book educates his readers on various topics, such as demon possession and spiritual warfare, non-dualism theory, the metaphysical world, and psychological advantage. The author repeatedly acknowledges that the concepts and explanations he advances are due to his opinionated nature. Mills' viewpoints seem related to life experiences witnessed, pondered upon by his intelligent mind, and then given religiously-acceptable meaning. Questions invariably result from such an observational approach because spiritual issues can only be understood from a spiritual perspective. The author wisely closes each discussion with teachings based on biblical quotes.

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