Being the Way
by Rev. Patrick McAndrew, D.R.S.
LitFire Publishing

"There is nothing like catching a glimpse of Spirit, feeling the Sacred Breath of Life flowing through you, feeling God’s Presence all about you."

Analyzing the teachings of Jesus, the Bible, and a method of maintaining a lifestyle that is grounded in spirituality and peace, the author of this book puts forth the concept that Jesus Christ was not alive to found a church or organize a religion but rather to serve as an example for his Way of Being. Drawing on specific verses, lessons, and parables as well as popular movies like Peaceful Warrior and the Star Wars series, the author teaches how to live in the present and appreciate the life force of the entire world. His book shares a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible that supposes that the stories don’t provide a literal history but rather a detail of the things one must do within themselves in order to live in Jesus’s example.

Complete with stories from the author’s own life, personal experiences, and original parables to help flesh out his lessons, each chapter investigates one focused change someone can make to their perspective. Beginning and ending each of these chapters is a simple affirmation that helps the reader comprehend and retain the core message or lesson. The overall tone of the book is friendly and encouraging, which helps the audience maintain an open mind even though the subject material, while not controversial in some circles, does require a different perspective on matters. The author’s academic background as well as his experience as a minister and a psychologist provide a multi-faceted teaching style that can offer clarity where other angles would remain ambiguous. While much of the material focuses on the example of Jesus, even those who are looking for spiritual guidance outside of the confines of religion will find much to draw from in this book.

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