by Gardiner Noble
Stratton Press Publishing

"The joy and comfort a human being gets from studying any one of the sacred books is . . . a confirmation of the existence of a supreme being."

Have you ever wondered why people of different religions can react with equal violence to those who refuse to immediately accept their religious experiences or rationale? At the same time, they claim that their religion teaches peace and love, when, in fact, what it inspires is a passionate response to learning about like-minded opinions. The author examines these tendencies and more in his intriguing work. After introducing his first argument-provoking revelation, the author avoids immediate confrontation by switching to seemingly off-topic chapters. Noble next offers his explanations of the wonders of cell propagation and DNA, the Big Bang theory, and global warming. Each of these side topics, like the main thesis, either mandates a divine designer or becomes hopelessly limited to the finite wisdom of fellow human beings.

The author’s book is a thirty-page cross between a devotional and argumentative piece. It includes a preface and four distinctly different chapters each with scientific explanations. His arguments are well-posed and demonstrate his extensive knowledge of science and theology. However, the most poignant contribution to this book is Noble’s inclusion of documented contacts his personal family has had with their newly-deceased relatives. For example, a promised bumble bee brought joy to four daughters by showing up at their mother’s funeral service. In addition, a sad premonition revealed the death of a daughter-in-law as relatives raced by train to see her. The author also includes quotes and logic from well-known historical people such as the Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam from his Rubaiyat, the sage Pindar from Pythian 8, and Sir Isaac Newton on the topic of gravity. This short book will challenge the depths of the reader's personal beliefs.

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