"You have grown in knowledge, culture, and personality, but because your faith has not grown, it is no longer capable of giving meaning and guidance to your life as an adult."

Although religion continues to be a factor in political policy and world conflicts, true faith in the religion one is associated with through family upbringing is in sharp decline in many segments of society. Pagola, a well-known Catholic theologian from Northern Spain and author of over twenty-five works, including the controversial Jesus, An Historical Approximation, turns his thoughts toward the problem of declining belief in a book that attempts to persuade those who have fallen away from the faith to see God from a different perspective and to return to him.

Despite what the title might lead one to presume about its contents, Pagola's relatively short but powerful treatise isn't really a book on apologetics. Instead, it is a heartfelt cry for those who have for whatever reason turned their back on God to take a closer look into what they actually do believe in at the moment. It is the author's contention that people have an inborn desire for God, but that the circumstances in the lives of many who were brought up in the Church have often dulled that feeling. In his gentle yet probing style, Pagola cajoles his readers to open themselves up again to their deepest longings and, in the process, to learn to seek God again.

Pagola writes in the engaging manner of a caring mentor who wishes only that his students will come to understand the joyous truth he has discovered for himself. While a few of his views differ slightly from the accepted teachings of many Christian denominations, most of what he says should resonate with the majority of believers, making his book an encouraging and thought-provoking read for almost anyone raised as a Christian who has been struggling with his faith.

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