Beloved Enemy
by Sheila Munds-Belbin

"When she was back at the Hotel Meisler, she told herself once again that she was only doing her job, but secretly she knew that there was more to it than that."

Set 70 years in the past, Allison Grant takes on one of the most dangerous missions a woman could engage in during World War II. As a member of the British military, she agrees to go deep undercover within Nazi Germany, going straight to the heart of the turmoil in Berlin. Her assignment is to get close to a German commander and pass important information about troop movement and positioning to help members of the French Resistance and other insurgency groups gain greater success. She never anticipated the possibility of falling in love with the man she was assigned to spy on.

From the beginning, Allison is aware of two things. First, this is the love of her life and the only family she’s likely ever going to have. Second, this relationship is doomed to end with her ultimate betrayal, as her first duty is to the many hundreds of men and women counting on her to do her part to protect them. As much as she’s tempted to simply disappear into the German countryside with the only man she will ever love, a sudden change in her Allied support structure forces her, once again, to deal with the irrevocable reality.

Well-written and relatively quick moving, the story focuses on the inner challenges of the character faced with such deep-seated internal conflict. Loyalty to country wars with her dedication to love and an internal desire to be happy. Having made her choice, the book follows through in a non-linear fashion, exploring the consequences of such a choice, and bringing in additional characters to peripherally explore other potential responses. 

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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