Below the Moon: The 8th Island Trilogy, Book 2, A Novel
by Alexis Marie Chute

"I suppose no one ever becomes better at grief. It’s not like practice makes it easier."

Ella is a strong-willed, cancer-stricken, human teenager—a girl who finds herself traveling through parallel dimensions and transported accidentally to the planet Jarr thanks to her grandfather’s portal jumper. Ella might be silent, but she is not weak, and neither are her mother, her grandfather, and her Bangol boyfriend, Luggie, as they search for a cure for Ella’s illness—a mysterious cure threatened by the Evil Star hidden in the sea. Amid the struggle to find the cure for Ella’s cancer and to unlock the Evil Star before it can wreak more chaos on all the worlds lies another battle: the struggle to find Ella’s father, Arden, who disappeared in the Spanish Canary Islands. Thus, with Ella and her family caught in the middle, the battle to provide a better future for the entire universe rages on.

Chute’s novel weaves Star Wars-like characters with a Wonder-like message to form an enrapturing read for booklovers of all ages. Structured so that each chapter depicts a different character and fusing passionate storytelling with elaborate artwork that reinforces the storyline, as well as interactive games and a glossary at the book’s end that provide hours of entertainment, this book is sure to become a shared read of parents and their children. It is a must-read for any person facing difficult circumstances—the consequences of loss, the ravages of disease, the stressfulness of forming new relationships and adapting to new places—or anyone struggling to help a child, teen, or loved one through a difficult circumstance. This is because the book uses science fiction, fantasy, and art to convey hope, strength, and perseverance. This book is also a must for high school teachers looking to provide a gateway to young adult and fantasy literature for their students.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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