The Best Grandpa in the Whole World
by Maria C. Ciancio
Trafford Publishing

"and all was right with the world."

Grandpa's who live nearby and do everyday things with grandchildren are special. This grandfather lives with his family in a three-floor walk-up apartment in a large city. He always finds time for his three-year old granddaughter. Playing "horsey" up and down the stairs is one of their games. But her favorite times with grandpa are spent outdoors. Together they ride the elevated train, have lunch with grandpa's friends, shop for gifts, and go to the playground where she swings so high she touches the birds.

One day the little girl and her family move away. What will she do each day now? Who will she shop with? Who can take her to the playground? It can be very painful when loved ones move away from each other. What will make her world right again?

The most wonderful things happen. Her family visits her grandparents often. Grandpa and grandma get on the train in the big city to come for visits, too, arriving at her house in a long limousine taken from the train station. Only very important people ride in limousines, don't they? According to her, the girl now knows just how special her grandpa is.

This author has created a memoir to her grandfather that promotes the bond between a special grandfather and his granddaughter. With its simple but poignant text and images, the book gives children fun ideas of different things they can do with their grandpa. Every page embraces the gentle, everlasting love between two generations. Parents will enjoy sharing the story with small children. This charming tale will remind all children how much their grandpa (and grandma, too) care for them—even if they are sometimes far away.

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