Best of Luck: 955 Infinite Layers of the Soul (Part 1)
by Rhiannon Cree Kirshner

"Maybe I write to quiet the mind and tame the emotions that cradle the flame."

Driven by her own need to create and write, the author of this book takes the intimate and personal approach of poetry and combines it with an itemized prompt style to create the first half of a book that is truly one of a kind. Designed to empower writers and creatives of all types, this book contains 475 statements that all begin with the phrase, “Maybe I write.” Each of these falls into a number of categories, explaining the reasons why the author is compelled to create, how it impacts her personal life, her creative urges, motivation, and mental health.

Compiled and collected in this first of two parts, the author’s hope is that reading these statements will help get those who create out of a block or a rut and find inspiration to do what they do best. Presented directly and in numerical order, each of these prompts is a paragraph long at best. If used once per day, each entry would take less than a minute of time to read, leaving plenty of time for reflection, digestion, and then use. There are also a handful of full-page illustrations included as well, which have vibrant colors, striking imagery, and can also serve to stimulate the imagination. A book like this is rare in the sense that while it is put together thoughtfully and with clear ability, it seems less concerned on its own contents and more with what it can accomplish for the reader. Creating something brand new and in such a selfless manner is quite the accomplishment, and Kirshner makes it seem natural with diary levels of honesty and a window into the need to make.

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