Beth Curtis: Conqueror of Darkness
by J. Lesley Graham
Page Publishing, Inc.

"People who didn’t know Beth, always assumed she was only a poor defenseless little blind girl."

Kathleen Elizabeth Curtis is heading back to her home planet after an extended stay at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in search of a cure for her blindness. While waiting to board The Freedom, she discovers she has been bumped from the passenger list. Luckily, she had become friends with Chief Star Class Matthew T. Byrne, and he stows the teenager aboard, allowing her to leave Earth as scheduled. All seems to be going as planned until Beth awakens from the required deep sleep of space travel to find Byrne is still sleeping. Not only that, she appears to be the only person awake on the ship except for a band of deep space hijackers intent on stealing from the passengers and abandoning them to certain death. Fortunately, Beth finds help when another passenger awakens, and the two work together to save The Freedom. Will these two adolescents defeat the enemy and save the passengers aboard the ship?

This fast-paced, sci-fi adventure is filled with all the twists and turns that keep readers turning pages. Beth is a strong protagonist with strength, courage, and intelligence, which makes this book a wonderful read for all. Graham’s career in the United States Air Force is the perfect background for writing this novel. The technical aspects of Beth’s adventure in trying to save The Freedom are written with authenticity. The underlying theme of one’s ability to step up to a challenge is evident in Beth’s overcoming obstacles such as her blindness in facing tremendous danger. Fans of sci-fi will enjoy this story of Beth’s journey, but one doesn’t have to be a fan of the genre to appreciate this novel. With its universal themes, well-developed characters, and exciting plot, this is one for anyone who enjoys a well-told tale.

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