"I am keen to offer you an advantage of gaining more cultural experiences whether you are backpackers, holidaymakers, expatriates and alike . . ."

Discover Hong Kong through this sprawling, expansive travel guide that includes must-see attractions and excursions as well as practical tips for exploring the region. Wilson, born and raised in Hong Kong, offers the local’s perspective with detailed lists of the best places to eat, sleep, and experience the wonders of art, architecture, history, and more. Recommendations are accompanied by full-color photographs, detailed maps, links to websites, and informative descriptions. Wilson also includes mobile app recommendations for up to date information on transportation and various attractions.

Wilson highlights unique opportunities to visit old villages and religious temples, to shop in the Jade Market and Textile Street, and to consider easy to miss museums like Hong Kong House of Stories which brings to life the old days of Hong Kong. Cultural experiences abound in the author's exhaustive coverage of a land rich with history, religion, art, food, and festivals. Helpful tips and tools are included in an easy reference list that applies to transportation, accommodations, and banking. Wilson also provides brief reviews of dining options that provide an overview of service, décor, and food opportunities from bakeries to noodle shops and beyond.

The oversized book format makes this a difficult guidebook to travel with, but it could be used to prepare itineraries or as a helpful reference work in the preplanning stages for a trip to Hong Kong. The guide is also in need of careful copyediting to correct spelling and grammar mistakes throughout. Despite these linguistic glitches, the information is useful, and Wilson’s enthusiasm for travel and for Hong Kong is unmatched. No matter what kind of experience you seek as a traveler to Hong Kong, Wilson shows the way with this comprehensive travel guide.

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