Black Sapphire: Ghost
by James Gluz

"Well, to me, you are a ghost, and that’s as far as people are going to get."

Buddy Noble, also known as Ghost, and his sister Tara have their world turned upside down when a terrorist attack strikes and kills both of their parents. Set in a dystopian future, they discover that they are left with strange and unique abilities—abilities that they unlock because of the mutant DNA hidden within their very veins. These unique powers grant them many things, including the interest of the Black Sapphire Corporation and the Trillion Company. The Black Sapphire Corporation wants nothing more than to take advantage of the siblings’ newfound powers and control them. The Trillion Company, on the other hand, wants to give them, and others like them, the freedom they so deserve.

While there have been similar plots in other books, this interesting story is one that contains a unique perspective that aids in the genre’s popularity. It contains a very pleasant worldbuilding element that a lot of adventure readers will be craving, allowing the reader to settle into the atmosphere and world that the author builds around them. It plays on the ‘mutant’ trope enough to create some interesting and enjoyable characters but not so much as to overuse the popular device. It manages to find a middle ground to allow the characters to shine. The characters themselves, particularly Buddy/Ghost, are quite fascinating to follow. This allows the reader to invest in these characters and in the story itself, making for an extremely satisfying read. The ending sets up nicely for a sequel, which readers who enjoy this book will likely be eagerly anticipating.

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