"...American Heart Association reveals...we are almost at the point where proper nutrition, dietary intake and exercise can virtually guarantee a healthy heart for life."

If you’ve been diagnosed with blood pressure issues, this journal can help you get a better handle on it by providing information and logs for tracking data concerning your personal health. The beginning chapters explain the meaning of terms that doctors use. You will know what the blood pressure numbers (systolic over diastolic) mean and what is an acceptable heart rate for your age. You will be prepared for normal blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day. The authors suggest exercises to improve balance and that age-appropriate exercise can lower blood pressure. Such information is important, since the doctor may not have had time to address these points. The largest portion of the journal provides pages to record things such as a doctor's contact information, a medication list, and questions for the doctor. There are also logs to track what you eat, how much you exercise, and blood pressure readings—plus an appointment calendar.

Dr. Joyce Lee is a health coach; Dr. Milton Lee is a holistic nutritional consultant. Based on their expertise, the authors attempt to remove the "scare" factor of high blood pressure. They offer a sound-mind and methodical approach to this increasingly significant health issue for an aging population. The second volume contains information on women and blood pressure changes during menstrual cycles and while pregnant. There is also a chapter about new research and approaches. Paper logs have the advantage of making entries simple. Electronic-savvy readers might wish for links to move between log pages, for example, to compare blood pressure readings to foods eaten that day. Tabs printed in the margins could help, as well. This journal serves as a helpful prompt to engage readers with doing something positive to assist their doctor in promoting health.

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