Blue Scorpion: Last Flight of the Ancients
by Karen S Lee
Xlibris AU

"The disappearances are just the start. On the empty shell of Ittacca, he has built a new temple. In his Dark Temple, he is making preparations."

By trying to overcome the obstacles of her life, Evanna takes a head-on approach to standing up for herself and her people. With the murder of her mother, she understands the hardships of life: "Evanna was no stranger to hard work, but her work was cut out for her if she was to support this small family." From the Great Mountains, Evanna works as a blacksmith in an outpost, Drone, where she constantly fights against those who attempt to take advantage of innocent people such as Lord Salem—for she is not only skilled in the craftsmanship of blades but their use as well.

Although her story seems to begin in Drone, it really begins in Simas, where she learns of her and her family's history, including who murdered her mother. After the revelation of her past, a new enemy arises, and Evanna must unite her people and raise them to battle. These battles lead her into the city where her ultimate secret is revealed.

Throughout the tale, Lee focuses on the idea of female empowerment. “She could sense that he had never encountered a lady who stood up to him or who had the gall or ability to thwart his advances.” This underlying theme creates a strength in Evanna that many would cower under. However, it is more than strength that sets Evanna apart. It is her compassion and a willingness to do good in the world. This book is excellent for those who love friendships, adventures, and twisted plots of deception that leave readers wanting more.

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