Bound in Flame
by Katherine Kayne
Passionflower Press

"'Maybe you lost a dream, Papa. I am sorry, but I will not give up.'"

A self-proclaimed suffragist with a fiery personality and a love of animals, Leticia Lili’uokalani Lang aims to be one of the first female veterinarians. For 1909, this is a bold goal. On a return trip home to Hawaii by ship from boarding school, Letty springs into action to save a horse from drowning by jumping overboard. Thus, she crosses paths with the owner of the horse, Timothy Rowley, an estranged English aristocrat hard at work to accomplish his dream of owning a sugarcane plantation. But destiny has something else in mind for Letty when she learns that she is a makaha—a gate connected to the magic of her land. Letty must now juggle learning veterinary practices as well as how to use the sacred power she is privy to, as her healing powers of flame can also spell disaster. Will Letty be able to control both the fires of her power as well as the flames of desire?

This captivating, well-researched historical novel takes readers back in time to when Hawaii’s monarchy ended, and society was adjusting and assimilating to American conventions of the early 20th Century. Letty is a delightful character who strives to maintain her cultural roots but also looks towards the future—hence her goal to become a veterinarian, her involvement with the Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, and training horses. She is quick-witted, outspoken, passionate, and a little stubborn. It is easy to see why Timothy is drawn to her. The author has done a great job of keeping tension and conflict throughout the story, highlighting how Letty’s new power can work for or against her, as well as building the romance. Overall, this novel is a great first book in its series.

A 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award Romance Category Honorable Mention and da Vinci Eye Finalist

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