Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness: Surrendering to Life
by Cheryl Wilfong
Heart Path Press

"When I signed my contract with Life, I didn't notice that it was a blank piece of paper."

When diagnosed with breast cancer, Wilfong chose not to wage war on the disease as so many do. She chose mindfulness. She documents everything about her experience. In this reflection, Wilfong takes readers on her intimate journey that explores her ups, downs, and in-betweens while practicing techniques to stay calm and prepare for whatever is to come. Through her organization, Wilfong's chronicle does a beautiful job of taking a terrifying situation and turning it into an insightful journey. Without the chronological layout, her message would not be as impactful.

As a dedicated Buddhist, Wilfong believes that death, disease, and dying are messengers alerting us to find ourselves. She gives her readers the tools and techniques to discover themselves, whether it be through her process of meditation, her lessons on Karma, or even through her "being present" ideology. She has a way of contributing to self-improvement and self-awareness whether you are going through the scares of cancer or not.

Even though Wilfong appeals to those not battling cancer or terminal illness, she also gives very insightful medical information for those who are. For every stage of her health's journey, Wilfong documents and explains not only her thoughts but the medical staff's words. These tips hold value. When someone is going through losing their autonomy, as Wilfong explains, it is in the ability to control anything within a situation that creates a sense of peace and gives some feeling of control back. The author achieves this control through her mental practices and techniques. This book is an excellent read for those who are struggling with a terminal illness as well as their friends and family. The tips for self-improvement, along with the medical advice, help make this a useful resource.

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