"A man at his best is at best still a man."

The path to the light and salvation is often through the depths of darkness. Shilling’s experiences are no different as his former life traversed a journey of sin and indulgences combined with a complete thrashing of the human spirit from a mental, physical, and emotional level. Only through these experiences, however, has “Crazy Jerry” found a support system as strong as the sanctuary of Jesus’ Soul Saving Traveling Mission. His resurgence and transformation are especially remarkable because, as he states himself, his own family is currently finding their faith.

An opportunity for introspection for all levels of believers, the chapters are divided into concepts like free will, envy, pride, and perseverance. Juxtaposing his commentary with references to biblical verses, the author seeks to build a more divine and intimate relationship with the Lord. While a deeper glimpse into Shilling’s experiences that sent him astray would undoubtedly have been a deep source of appreciation and admiration, readers are nonetheless privy to the perspectives forged by those experiences that help him tackle complex topics like spiritual death, repenting, and understanding the cues and warnings God sends to humanity daily.

From allusions to Adam and Eve’s fall from Paradise and Cain’s murder of his brother Abel to scriptures narrating the story of Abraham and Lot, Jacob and Esau, and the lineage of the promised seed with Noah, Shilling reiterates that even the noblest of humans are susceptible to sin. Unless combated by holiness and righteousness, sin, like a virus, grows until its target—be it families, one’s virtues, etc.—is destroyed. More than anything else, this text is a roadmap to show readers that their mistakes and suffering have been repeated for millennia, and the only way out is to surrender unconditionally to faith in God’s Word.

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