by Nicolas Heft
Trafford Publishing

"The Romans have come to us. We did not seek war, but they are apparently interested in our ways. So let us not be selfishlet us share our culture with them and our steel!"

After Caesar and his Roman Army conquered Gaul, the ruler set his sights on the island of Britannia. Marcus Caius, one of Caesar's legionnaires in the Tenth Legion, is among those who are sent to conquer the island before winter sets in. They encounter fierce resistance upon the shores, as the Britons see them arriving in their ships and decimate most of them. The Romans, however, with huge losses, are able to take the island and build their fort. However, the battle is not won, as the Romans continue to face resistance from the Britons as they try to survive on the island. Androvic, a Briton chieftain, wants the Romans dead, and h'’s amassed thousands of men from the surrounding villages to take down his hated enemies before they can return to the safety of Gaul.

This is not only the story of Marcus and his legionnaire friends, but also the story of Caesar's quest for power and the glory of Rome, and the Britons' fury to keep their homeland free of invaders. The author knows his subject well, and the story is meticulously researched. The author became interested in Roman history while living in France. Especially of note are the descriptions of the superior fighting tactics that the Romans employed with such effect against their enemies, and Latin words are used to transport the reader to the right time and place in history. This is a good novel for lovers of Roman history and conquests.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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