"But three things we can confidently say: The builders were superbly organized, brilliantly innovative, and craftsmen par excellence."

With an introduction that celebrates curiosity and a passion project, this exhaustive text on the pyramids provides a fundamental understanding of how the pyramids were built. Chapter coverage includes the materials, methods, and manpower used to construct the pyramids as well as a closer look at specific pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Later chapters also consider and critique various theories on the techniques that may have been used to raise the stones. Despite thorough research and study, Moores readily admits that these architectural wonders are still mysteries to behold, to examine, and to ponder. No one knows definitively the methods used by the incredibly innovative builders as they designed, organized, and crafted the pyramids that so many are drawn to visit. However, Moores’ experience and expertise give him considerable perspective and insight into these amazing structures.

This book does not seem like the work of a mere hobbyist with a passion for pyramids, but rather it is a scholarly pursuit to uncover the mechanics and engineering feats that produced the pyramids. Moores’ writing style is engaging and readable—the voice of a hobbyist that is paired with the mind of a scholar. Moores relies on soft data like observations and speculations along with hard data gleaned from writings and artifacts. He also includes high-quality drawings, graphics, and photos that add visual interest to the text and enforce key concepts and ideas. The entire text is thoughtfully structured in a logical sequence that flows with ease for the reader, creating a clearly organized path through a wealth of information about the construction of the pyramids. The student, the enthusiast, and the curious will be satisfied and enlightened by this engaging exploration of these amazing wonders of the world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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