Bullet Work
by Steven O'Brien
A&N Publishing

"One second altered fate for a lifetime. The winner zigged; the loser zagged. A series of seconds made a lifetime, two billion or more. Five maybe six of those seconds altered one's life forever. Would they come in the beginning or at the end?"

Dan Morgan loved the game. Loved watching horses, especially his race horses, run with the wind. He grew up learning the horse racing game from his Uncle Van, when he was barely 7 years old. Living near D.C., going to the Breeders' Cup, the Travers', taught him how to prepare a horse for racing, money management, and handicapping. The horse loving people in his life (Jake Gilmore his trainer, AJ the hot walker, and Beth De Carlo a groom), added love and excitement to his already intense life.

Horse racing so engulfed Dan, that nothing outside the track held much interest to him. When the fatal accidents started happening to the horses, no one was prepared for the horror that followed. How could anyone creep into a horses' stall and inject poison in its neck? Going for a horses' cannon bone was more revolting, causing piercing agony that didn't stop till a caring soul put and end to the horses' pain.

Mr. O'Brien weaves this tale of exciting characters, breath-taking horse racing action, right into our lives. His knowledge of horse racing, betting and the care and training involved in the sport, is truly inspiring. He opens up the equine world to his readers, with the grace of an artist sweeping his brush across a canvas. O'Brien can inform you about racing, because he once owned Thoroughbreds. His way around the literary world, gives us hope of more work to come. By the end of this exciting story, you'll have had a "bullet work"—that's horse business talk for a very fast-paced workout.

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